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Vessel sought to revolutionize the at-home testing experience by making it more accessible and affordable. Their mission was to provide a user-friendly platform that replicates the experience of consulting with a functional medicine doctor, but at a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of one's home. By integrating at-home testing, data-driven progress monitoring, and personalized action plans, Vessel aimed to empower individuals to take control of their health and well-being. Having access to accurate and reliable health data is crucial for making informed decisions about one's health. With Vessel, individuals could gather essential health information through various at-home testing kits. These kits allowed users to collect samples, such as blood, saliva, or urine, and send them to a laboratory for analysis

Vessel aimed to provide personalized action plans based on the test results and individual goals. These action plans would offer recommendations for dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, targeted supplementation, or further testing. By tailoring recommendations to the individual's unique health profile, Vessel aimed to support users in optimizing their well-being and addressing specific health concerns.

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